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Shipping Info
Shipping Fee:
   Under $35 with $6.99 shipping fee
   Free shipping on orders over $35
About Tax: Customers do not need to pay tax
Order Processing: 1-2 business days
Delivery Time:
    US: about 5-15 workdays to arrive after ordered
    GB: about 6-10 workdays to arrive after ordered
    TR: about 6-10 workdays to arrive after ordered
    EU: about  6-15 workdays to arrive after ordered
    Asia: about 5-10 workdays to arrive after ordered

We provide fast world shipping to ensure every customer will receive their lovely items. After receiving your order, we conduct rigorous Quality Control checks and tests in order to ensure the product's quality prior to shipment to meet your satisfaction.

❤If your order includes very popular items that are experiencing stock availability issues. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by these delays and thank you for your patience.Also, we will contact you the first time.)

❤Pls note that if you got some cute items from giveaway events of our social media, maybe you need to pay some shipping fee to get them, pls based on the actual events)

❤Please keep in mind, that shipping delays may occur and are not in our control due to covid-19.

You can check your order and logistics under 'my order' or on '17track'.

❤The order number and logistics number will be sent to your mailbox.

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Product Description

Ordering Instructions:

We have a clothing factory that specializes in custom orders and processing requests. Here is a more organized version based on your description:

  1. Customization Requirements:
  • Minimum order quantity: 30 pieces, with a recommended minimum of 100 pieces.
  • Fast delivery upon completion.
  • We collaborate with multiple brand factories, ensuring guaranteed quality.
  • We support small-batch production for your customized designs.
  • Modifications can be made to your samples.
  • Private label manufacturing is available.
  • We offer integrated fabric production services.
  1. Strengths and Capabilities:
  • Our factory has extensive experience and a strong production capacity.
  • We support small-batch orders, saving you costs on testing styles.
  • Sampling takes 3 days, while production can be completed within 5 days.
  • We guarantee delivery deadlines and provide after-sales support.
  1. Customization Process:
  • We strive for tailor-made solutions, including fabric weaving, dyeing, pattern customization, cutting, sewing, printing, sourcing accessories, and providing dedicated services to meet all your requirements.
  • Our proximity to clothing procurement markets allows us to quickly understand your needs and provide assistance for your designs.
  • We offer comprehensive customization across all product categories, including women's dresses, suits, formal wear, tops, pants, underwear, men's jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, pants, baby rompers, and more.
  • With over 20 years of industry experience, we can swiftly transform your designs from patterns to finished garments.
  • We have access to nearly all types of fabrics and techniques available in the market. Simply communicate your requirements to our sales representatives.

Here is the translated version of the ordering process:

  1. Communication with Customer Service:
  • Engage in detailed discussions with our customer service representatives, providing specific information about your customization needs.
  1. Submission of Design Sketches or Sample Images:
  • Provide your design sketches or images of sample garments for our reference and guidance.
  1. Sampling and Confirmation:
  • We will develop samples based on your design sketches or sample images and send them to you for confirmation.
  • You will evaluate and verify the quality and style of the samples.
  1. Placing the Order and Payment:
  • After confirming the samples, you can proceed to place the order and make a 30% deposit payment.
  1. Fabric and Material Sourcing:
  • Once the deposit is received, we will initiate the procurement of required fabrics and materials.
  1. Mass Production and Final Payment:
  • Upon completion of fabric and material preparations, we will commence mass production.
  • After production is finished, you will make the remaining 70% payment.
  1. Shipment and Confirmation of Receipt:
  • We will arrange the shipment and provide relevant logistics information.
  • Upon receiving the goods, you will inspect and confirm the receipt.
  1. Transaction Completion:
  • Both parties will confirm the successful completion of the transaction.

Please feel free to contact our sales representatives if you have any questions or need further clarification.