Who is the hell am I?  My name is Melly! I’m from Shenzhen,CN. A beautiful coastal city。 I started and named my brand UBESHINE because I wanted people to feel “YOU ARE THE KIND OF ONE” every time they have my brand on. Ubeshine is a secret? Ubeshine is known for cute, trendy, and affordable accessories. But we are also known for our FREE SECRET GIFT.  I've created 15different gifts and I can't wait to see which ones you receive! Also I hope these gifts can bring a little surprise to your life.Ubeshine is an undefined beauty. At Ubeshine,nothing makes us happier than bringing you everyday statement pieces that make YOU feel like the main character.We firmly believe that every unique and kind girl can shine in their field. Ubeshine is a community. Bom in a digital age that knows no borders,building an expressive brand for a new generation.“My mission now is to create cute, affordable pieces so girls can set trends without breaking the bank!"It was never, and will never be about what we sell. It will always be about how we want people to feel from the moment they open their package to the moment they have it on.We create pieces that are made in a sustainable way, bring joy to the wearer, and firmly believe that luxury can be enjoyed without exaggeration.